Agati's ComplyBot is a repository of compliance information that enables task level tracking, sends automated reminders/alerts to the respective stakeholders in all departments. With this system in place healthcare organisations need not worry about factors like not having a single source on compliance readiness with the risk of losing the accreditation, losing insurance protection and non-renewal of contracts, etc. which may attract huge losses to the organization.

Agati's ComplyBot is a Software as a Service (SaaS) framework, developed with latest in cloud and mobile technologies



Track Compliance History
Improve Audit Readiness
Reduce Losses upto 35% due to non-compliance
Improved control for Department Heads
Role based access
Soft Integration with existing HMS systems
Store and retrieve Compliance information in multiple formats
Robust escalation process
Remote access to records
Customizable Modules
Configurable Reporting Functionalities
Customizable Alerting Templates



  • Track Calibrations and preventive maintenance of bio-medical, Infra, IT, etc.. assets.
  • Upload the supporting collaterals like asset’s manual, calibration evidences, reason for condemn in any form as documents, pictures and videos.
  • Each and every asset related task could be assigned to a stakeholder so that the status of assets could be easily tracked.


  • Track the Act/law, registration, renewable, one time licenses etc.
  • Alert the respective stakeholders about license timelines with automatic notifications and escalation process.


  • Track the duration of building & equipment contracts, vehicle – commercial & vehicle- private contracts, life insurance, professional indemnity etc.


  • Track the adverse drug reaction, medication error, incidence fall, blood transfusion, needle stick injury incidents.
  • Track the root cause analysis, corrective and preventive action.
  • Configure the users, alerting templates and escalation mechanism.


  • Track and maintain financial records such as TDS, Service Tax, PF, Adv Tax etc.
  • Upto 35% cost savings achieved by automating alerting mechanisms and making sure payments are made on time.


  • Generate Pdf and excel for all modules filtered using start date and end date.
  • Comprehensive Analytics Dashboard and customizable reporting functionalities with flexible filtration options.
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