eazy TRANSPORT, our flagship hardware/software/mobile platform helps you effectively and efficiently manage your company’s/school’s transport system which is one of the spectacles of our vision through which we bring in greater efficiencies and cost-savings to your company’s/school’s transport system.


  • Mobile app for employees/parents to use the transport service.
  • Notification of vehicle details to employee's/parent’s mobile.
  • Panic buttons in the mobile app for female employees with alerts to preferred contacts.
  • Options for kin/parents of employees/students to track the exact location and status.
  • Auto notification when the vehicle enters the boarding zone.
  • Employee/Student identification using secure RFID based access card.
  • Paperless process.
  • Efficient route optimization.


  • Insightful data analytics.
  • Significant cost savings.
  • Auto calculation of the distance travelled by the vehicle.
  • Auto generation of the vehicle usage report.
  • Robust employee/student safety features with alerts to preferred contacts.
  • Real time dash board.


  • Upload the employee details with boarding point and assigned vehicle details in csv format. Our system takes care of everything.
  • Route optimization based on the pickup / drop off points.
  • Right vehicle chosen for the route, based on the number of employees and the available vehicles.
  • Employees check the real time location of the vehicle using maps in the mobile app.
  • Alerts the employees with the assigned vehicle details.
  • Alerts the vehicle coordinator if the vehicle had not started on time.
  • Alerts the employees when the cab enters the employee boarding area.
  • Identifies the employee using the employee’s access card (RIFD) and updates data to the server.
  • Auto alert to the vehicle coordinator after the vehicle reaches the office.
  • Calculate the distance traveled by the vehicle and generate the vehicle usage reports.
  • RFID Identification
  • Automatic Distance Calculation
  • Vehicle Details on APP
  • Accurate Vendor Billing
  • Real Time Tracking & Employee/Student Safety
  • Cab/Vehicle Rostering
  • MIS Reports
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