So you want to build Custom Software… – To Dos.

‘The best way to stay consistent is to change with circumstances.’ – Winston Churchill.

He fired it decades ago…

To me, he is 100% right…


Be prepared to open your eyes to Custom Software Service.

Years From Now: All possible business holders, small – large scale, are expected to integrate some sort of customization to their business.

So, you have made the right decision at the right time, to take your business to the next level.

No doubt.

But, what are the possible difficulties that those business holders would have gone through over the years due to integrating customization to their business?

Will they all be augmented by then, by doing so?

Yes, if they have made the right decision.


The right decision?

To know that, read on.


Custom Software Service could be a lifetaker. (Exaggerating only a bit…)
Things That May Go Wrong With Custom Software Service:
  • Lack of expertise.
  • Lack of communication.
  • Device and browser compatibility issues.
  • Custom Software may not be that good as they look.
  • It may cost an arm and a leg.
  • The project may not arrive on time.
  • The user may end up without getting the right picture until they see the final product.
  • Post software development support system issues.


Not all challenges can be straight away implemented as a Software solution; the feasibility either by Technology or by other means could set the initiation point for your Custom Software Development.


Bitten off your nails already?

Hold on. Relax…


 To Dos:
  • Make a research on the competent vendor who could provide you a Feasibility Study and Cost estimation.
  • Evaluate the Development Process and Methodology they follow to cater to your requirement.

Now, let’s consider that you have identified a vendor who is technically competent and cost effective.


9 Questions You Should Always Ask Your Vendor Before Choosing a Custom Software Service:
  1. Can you share your experience on building Custom Software for similar domain?
  2. Do you have the right technical expertise?
  3. Do you have an efficient Project management team with an established Communication Protocol?
  4. Does your team have the right Business Analysis skill set?
  5. We would like to see your client testimonials, could you exhibit them?
  6. Can you provide us a detailed quotation based on the best spec you have?
  7. Can you give assurance on comprehensive and thorough Quality Assurance and Testing?
  8. Can you deliver the project on time?
  9. Does your team have a robust experience to manage the performance, security and server administration?


Custom Software is a Lifetime Investment…NEVER COMPROMISE!



Posted on September 2016, by (Anantha Mahendran), (Agati Systems), (Client Partner).

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